Cruise info

BoardingYou can board about 15 minutes before the cruise starts
Food and beveragesThe vessel has full alcohol license and the whole vessel is a restaurant area. Snacks are available in the café. Bringing your own drinks/food on board is prohibited. For charter cruises and groups, meals can also be booked in advance.
People with reduced mobilityUnfortunately, the ship is not suitable for wheelchair/scooter access due to its stairs and narrow passageways.
Payment on boardYou can pay on board with cash and standard debit/credit cards.
Smoking on boardThe vessel is largely smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed on the aft deck, where ashtrays are also provided. Smoking is prohibited everywhere else inside and outside the vessel.
Languages spoken on board and announcementsThe crew speaks Finnish and English. The ship has a comprehensive audio system, with route descriptions coming directly from the bridge. The announcements are mainly in Finnish and, depending on the passenger situation, also in English.
ToiletsThe toilets are located on the lowest deck of the ship (stairs from the middle deck inside). The tap water in the toilets is not fit to drink.
Bringing animals on a cruiseSocial and well-behaved small dogs are welcome on the outside decks of our ship, the back deck is also covered. We do not take animals indoors due to possible allergies.