The M/S Saimaa Margareta is based in Lappeenranta, offering customers charter, scheduled, and themed cruises around Lake Saimaa and to the Saimaa canal. Charter and themed cruises take place in the southern water area of Puumala and on the Saimaa canal up to the Finnish border.

We are prepared to operate in corona conditions in the summer of 2023 and will follow all corona guidelines/regulations issued to enable safe operations. We pay special attention to cleaning arrangements and in addition, the interior of the ship is equipped with Wellisair air purifiers. The whole ship is a restaurant area, we follow the guidelines for restaurants.

Scheduled Cruises

Archipelago cruises every second Monday 12.06.-21.08.2023

Two-hour cruises to the archipelago with landscapes of Saimaa, also with skipper’s explanations. During the cruise, an understanding of the history of Saimaa is born.

Canal cruises in July-August

Guided two-hour cruises to the Saimaa Canal that originally opened in 1856. The history of the Saimaa Canal is a fascinating story about the construction of the road to the sea. The cruise will also let you experience how it feels to go through locks.

Themed Cruises

Saimaa ringed seal cruises 18.-20.05.2023

The Saimaa ringed seal cruises take place in spring from the Suuri Sarviniemi to the waters of the Greater Saimaa in cooperation with WWF.

Island cruise to the Salpa Line on Sunday 04.06.2023

An island cruise to the last line of defence of independent Finland on Saimaa on the flag day of the Defence Forces. Salpa Line’s structural solutions in the archipelago of Saimaa tactically / operatively / strategically approached.

Ilkonsaari Island cruises on Saturdays 17.6.-05.08.2023 (excl. 24.6.2023)

Ilkonsaari, located in Ilkonselkä, is known among boaters for its nature and tsasousanas. The cruise to Ilkonsaari gives an idea of Saimaa and the Saimaa archipelago and the tsasounas bring an interesting cultural addition to the event. The total length of the cruise is about 6 hours and the time ashore on Ilkonsaari is about 1 1/2 hours.